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We built special tooling equipment for the construction of all ribs, nose spars and wing tip bows for our Hatz Classic and are offering custom work of Hatz or Hatz Classic wooden components. However, we are keen to do any other custom wood work, e.g.building or repairing aircraft wings.



Wing Tip Bow (Hatz CB-1 and Classic)

While carefully studying the wing tip bow design of the Waco QCF and comparing this to the Hatz Classic bow we discovered that the later's bow is lacking the smooth curve visible when looking at the tip sparvise. As we like the smooth curve of the Waco QCF, we modified the wing tip plan view and slope of the bow to avoid a
crack at the aileronhinge position while loocking spanwise at the tip.



Wing Tip Bow-leading edge bowing (Hatz CB-1 and Classic)






The main ribs are built up from to seperate stringers. To save some weight (about 20%) we choosed a girder
type main spar forward rib section against the 1/4'' plywood as per plans.
Top and bottom stringer are multiple ply spruce laminations between 1/32'' plywood facings.
The top main stringers have been soacked in hot water and dryied over a wooden form to achieve a stress released curved slope.




The nosespar is approx per Classic plans and is cut from abechi wood on a router by jusing a special made




on construction