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Sheetmetal forming

Grace to the access to sheet metal forming machinery, moulding equipment and special tools we are able to offer sheet metal work for Hatz biplanes or other projects

Some examples as follows



Collectorring housing

We are working on a special housing bulkhead for the Rotec R-3600. In order to avoid any complications with the engine's inlet tubes for each cylinder it is necessary to shift the collector ring back about 30mm. This modification is authorised by Rotec's Paul Chernikeeff and is available on request. The basic design has been taken from the Boeing Stearman and Waco Continental W-670 installation as well the selection of material to withstand the thermal strain. Documentation will be updated according to progress made. The inner part is a spun sheet metal moulding and the external cover is divided into serveral parts.
Following is a basic sketch. For a full illustrativ view see under "Townedring".


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Process Update 1 (02.03.09):

First exemplar is done and it looks good

Frontside- and Backsidecover. (Sheet thickness: 0.6mm)


Process Update 2 (05.04.09):

The Shroud is mounted and the maincontur is cut out




Process Update 3 (14.11.09):

For proper mounting with the engine, we divide the outer part into sections

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Townedring / Speedring

Although it is really a shame to cover such a beautiful engine like the Rotec radials, a speedring adds the final touch and meets the character of a Waco style biplane. The design and installation is the same as e.g. used on the Waco QCF-2.


Click on the picture/drawing to enlarge (3D-pdf click again for view in 3D-mode)


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English Wheel


We built our English Wheel using a modified kit from Dinosaurier, Germany. Thanks to smooth hardened wheels a fine surface of the formed sheet metal can be achieved.



Airfilter box / Carb.-heating

To guide the fresh, filtered- & carb. heated air to the engine, we designed a square box which is fitted underneath the top cover of the engine bay. Within there is a filter from BAF. This filter is connected  with a switch housing.
If the hand gear is on cold, the fresh air flows through louvers through the filter and the switch housing and is then guided trough a tubing directly to the engine’s carburetor. In parallel hot air from the collector shroud flows through the switch housing and is conducted directly into a small square box, which is also fitted underneath the top cover.
During normal operation the hot air from the collector shroud is flowing through the switch and then lead to the outside of the engine bay through louvers. If the carb.-heating is activated, this hot air from the shroud flows over the switch box directly to the engine carburetor.