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Stainless Tie - Rods

The lack of supply for economically priced tie rods for use on homebuilt aircraft wing internal bracing prompted us to manufacture our own square section tie rods for the Hatz internal wing bracing. The square section of 1/8" is a tie rod variant quiet often used during the 1930 period (e.g. Stearmans etc) and in contrary to the drawn type tie rods common today. The square tie rods are cold rolled to a reduced section. The gain of this procedure is a higher tensile strenght due to cold forming and a more than 30% saving in weight compared to a 3/16" round wire. Our tie rods feature both sides rolled left- and righthand threads. The pressed on square portion on a round drawn tie rod is not necessary on the square type, as the rod can be tensioned directly with a wrench at the square section. Our wires are tested to a 2100 pound max. load and each wire is prove loaded with the design load. Material is stainless AISI 316L. Our wires can be fitted with commercially available AN 665 clevis terminals. The lengths of the round and threaded ends portions can be altered to suit individual needs.
We are proud to say, that we can offer such tie rods custom made on our own automatic cold rolling die machinery up to a length of 48" (wire end to end) at the strenght of the competitive available brands, but at a fair price.