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TIG - welding


Welding equipment

Our welding equipment has been used for building the Hatz fuselage, tail plane etc and is suitable for any other welding of steel or stainless material. We are using special equipment for bending steel tube, tools for machining tube joints and welding jigs.
We are able to build high quality structures as required for aircraft.




Construction of the engine mount for R3600 radial engine

To set up the right position we created a weight & balance excel sheet & weighted all parts which were assembled.
After that we defined the engine position due to the weight & balance result & checked for enough space behind to acommodate the engine parts as carburetor etc.
The thrustline is located 6 inch below the upper longeron center line, no side or down thrust.
For the structural analysis and the load calculations according to FAR Part 23, we drew the engine mount on 3D.

Click on the drawing to enlarge (3D-pdf click again for view in 3D-mode)